Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm in a downright foul mood...

First: The Formica dinette table top epoxy experiment failed. The two part epoxy was just too thick and wouldn't spread out real thin for me. I attempted to squeegee the epoxy so it would lay down in a nice thin layer while filling the voids and making a nice shiny layer. This didn't work. It just started to streak. So ultimately the finish is uneven and rippled. No good.

I don't think even wet sanding would solve the problem. SOOOOO.... We are on the market for new laminate. Not really what I wanted to do but maybe this will be something that will be better in the long run. Now that the yellow Formica is going bye-bye we may even be changing the color schemes we had picked. The jury is still out.

Part two: Vintage Trailer Supply started carrying a new product. Now that isn't the bad thing. I'll explain. First the product...

This kit includes most of the small parts you need to refurbish your 1950s Bargman Trail-Lite license light.

Kit includes:
  • bulb socket with single pigtail
  • bulb
  • custom gaskets for both ends of glass lens
  • two stainless cover screws
Kit does not include:
  • main casting
  • clear glass lens
  • outer cap (red lens version sold separately)
  • license bracket (sold separately)

Awesome huh? Even has a decent price for $9.99. What is the bad part? The kit does not include the clear glass cylinder lens. Today while messing around with my Trail-Lite and trying out the new red glass outer cap lens the clear glass lens fell off the table and shattered. The lens was cracked but I was going to use it anyway with a cleaning and some epoxy to help that crack stay together. Not now.

Does anyone know where to get something that can act as the clear lens for the Trail-Light? There has to be some cylinder shaped object that can be modified to work. I looked through our spice cabinet looking for some container that could be cut to work. Nothing. I'm sure I may be able to find something that works somewhere. I just figure that someone else has solved this problem.

Nothing left to do but wet sand some aluminum... blah.

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