Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ironing Board Storage Bracket???

Alright boys and girls...

What the heck is this. Is it a storage area for one of those cutting-board-slot-mounted-ironing boards?

This is in the back of my long cabinet on the curb side. I am wondering if it is factory. I know some trailers came with the ironing board that slid into the cutting board slot. The bracket looks pretty decent in it's construction like it could come from the factory. The bracket rotates on the one mounting screw. Whatever it secures would be flat enough to sit against the back of the cabinet. There appears to be a slot in the bottom of the cabinet that would accept something like a board.

I dunno. Anyone have an original ironing board the could measure? If I have the measurements for one of the ironing boards I think I could determine if it is mounted in the right place to fit one in. I'm really curious about this.


Don said...

Yes for ironing board storage. I think it fits into the cutting board slot when in use. I'm pretty sure campalumna has one.

Lisamarie said...

I have the original ironing board with mine.