Monday, September 14, 2009

Join The Vintage Shasta Trailer Forum!!!

When we bought Louise I really started looking all over the internet for information about vintage Shastas. I really was disappointed with what is out there. I was really looking something that would answer all of my questions in a neat, organized, and easy to use manner.

All I found were the two Yahoo Groups on Shasta. I am REALLY not a fan of the Yahoo Groups format. That is nothing against the creators of the Shasta Groups. It is really a knock on Yahoo Groups itself. I find the format outdated and hard to use.

The Vintage Shasta Trailer Forum is very easy to use and find information. 

I have run a few forums myself in the past and having seen how successful they can be. I think the need is out there. The Airstream Forum is huge and I hope at some point the VSTF can have that much success if even on a smaller level.

I think it will be a place where owners can come share, learn and enjoy themselves. I really hope that Shasta owners come and join the forum.


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jshooly said...

Brian, how about a VSTF Facebook page?

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