Friday, May 13, 2011


Haven't had a blog post for a while.

I have been working hard on the trailer. Not much to show at the moment which is a bit frustrating. A few projects have been going on all at the same time. I have sanded, primed and started painting the trailer's frame from front to back. I have also wire wheeled the steel wheels and put on the first coat of primer. Sorry no pictures. I will cover that later.

I have also been busy buying parts and material left and right. We are hemorrhaging money. So much so that we are now $115 over budget. The sad part is we still have stuff to buy. Not good. Not good at all. It will all be worth it in the long run. Right? Anyone want to buy a kidney?

Because I don't actually have any projects completed I thought I would share the new interior scheme. Our laminate has seen better days we thought we would go with some new stuff. This spurred the whole change in the interior design. Here is the lineup...

First up: Paint. We picked Sherwin Williams Industrial paint for the exterior. "A" is a off white called "Marshmallow". The bottom color will be the "B" which is known as "Cloudburst".

"C" is our Pionite laminate called "Surfin USA".

"D" and "E" is marine vinyl for the seating made by Morbern.

"F" is our curtain material the "Daddy-O" in butter cream.

"G" is our flooring choice from Armstrong also known as "Butter Cream".

Lastly "H" is our awning from Marti is the Sunbrella pattern called "Easton Lagoon".

First I will say that the picture really doesn't represent the colors very well. They look much better and closer together in person. Just trust me on that. Yeah this is sort of a bush league post but I don't much to show for as much work as I have done lately. So... back to work.

Email me if you are interested in that kidney.

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❦Bayside Gal❦ said...

I think your color choices are awesome. I have those colors in my my trailer ( "a mystery aluminum thingy") concept I'm going for is red/orange accents to match the stove/hood coloring. I am having so much fun.