Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Louise Is Now On Facebook?

Let me start out by saying I hate Facebook. Yep. Hate it. I really have no interest talking to people from high school and so called "long lost friends". If we were such great friends we would talk often so we wouldn't need Facebook. I run two blogs and a vintage trailer forum so I don't really have time to sit around and look at people's lives that I really don't care about. People also seem to work "for" Facebook and don't make Facebook work for them. Given that I am not a fan of Facebook I want to make it work for me like a rented mule...

HOWEVER... If by using Facebook I can be better connected to other vintage Shasta owners than so be it. This is the reason that Louise is on Facebook but not me. My purpose is to connect with other owners and add just another way to keep together. My goal is to make Shasta owners as cohesive as Airstream owners.

Soooo... if you are on Facebook and are a Shasta owner then please add LOUISE as a contact.

Also I made a page for the Vintage Shasta Trailer Forum. Hey... If I'm going to make Facebook my slave I might as well go the whole way...

The VSTF on Facebook.

Sadly, I'm sure this will be another waste of time but it is worth a shot.

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